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Plastic Producers Are Recycling Innovators

The plastic industry continues to simplify and streamline plastic recycling and recovery to promote sustainability and preserve our future.

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Plastic Producers Are Recycling Innovators

May 2018

The industry set ambitious circular economy targets


100% of plastics packaging RECYCLABLE or RECOVERABLE


100% of plastics packaging REUSED, RECYCLED, or RECOVERED

Right now, the brightest minds in the plastic industry are actively collaborating with governments to develop new programs that will make it easier to recover and recycle plastic. It only makes sense that those who know the most about plastic manufacturing be involved in the extension of its lifecycle. In British Columbia, which has a plastic recovery rate of 55% - the highest in Canada - the plastic industry funds a non-profit that manages the province’s residential plastic packaging and paper product recycling.

Industry-led recycling and recovery programs encourage producers to deliver more recyclable products and promote the use of recycled materials across an array of industries, allowing industries like transportation, agriculture, construction, medical services and more to make better use of recycled content.

It’s innovation like this, which encourages collaboration between industries and governments, that helps to ensure plastic is part of a true circular economy and keeps it out of our environment.

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A Canadian Cycle of Innovation

See how Canadian plastic is working to Save Plastic, save our environment and promote a more sustainable future.

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